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Last Updated: 05/02/2001

What's New?

05.02.2001 - Updated Paul's page with his Egypt account. Added 04.2001 Reichert Report. Added Japan Pics to the Gallery and links to them from Mom and Dad's pages. Added latest Japan Episode.

03.06.2001 - Updated Paul's, Mom's and Dad's page with new pix.

03.01.2001 - Added the Kitchen Fridge message board.

02.28.2001 - Updated Jenn's pages to add save the date wedding notice page. Added new pages to Joel's Japan Episode Guide.

02.04.2001 - Updated Dad's page with new layout. Created Biography & Publications pages. Updated Mom's page with new links.

01.24.2001 - Added the Christmas pix and updated the photo gallery pages.

01.23.2001 - Added more pix to Peter's pages. Fixed Canadian Alliance links.

01.12.2001 - Updated Mom & Dad's links to include the Canadian Alliance Website.

01.02.2001 - Added a link to more of Joel's pictures from Japan on Joel's page. Tried out the thumbnails for his pix page.

Also converted photos of Meg's wedding to thumbnails.

12.20.2000 - Just about everything. The birth of the site at this address. Basic Construction completed.